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Fairfax City continues to replace older housing with new and more expensive options. We need to ensure that we continue to invest in a wide variety of housing that meets the needs of people who want to live here. The community needs to be creative, collaborative, and strategic in their investment to build housing that meets a wide range of housing budgets.  As mayor, I want to consider new and innovative ways to allocate the Affordable Housing Fund, so that we can do more with the resources we have.

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Catherine Read believes the future of Fairfax City rests in the imagination of its residents.

"The future is about collaboration, being open to change and innovation," she said. "If you close yourself off from that, people will go around you. Or in the case of the city, people will go somewhere else."

Take Old Town Fairfax for example. She imagines a thriving, ever-changing downtown center filled with all aspects of Fairfax City community. Read sees art league classes, tai chi lessons, carts of kids books and community meetups where others worry about parking.

"Most things in life are about a lack of imagination," she said. "We need visionary people who can help people see what things could be, can be, will be."

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